UCDA Establishment



Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) was established by an Act of Parliament 1991 and amended in 1994, Cap. 325 under the laws of the Republic of Uganda.

UCDA is established as a public Authority and its mandate is to promote and oversee the coffee industry by supporting research, promoting production, controlling the quality and improving the marketing of coffee in order to optimize foreign exchange earnings for the country and payments to the farmers.

It is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and is capable of suing or being sued in its corporate name.

Values of the Authority

UCDA believes in and continues to aspire for the following values;

a) Good governance. This takes into account high level of transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Respect for self and others

b) Provide value for stakeholders

c) Respect for the environment. Encouraging major stakeholders to produce coffee in a sustainable manner

d) Decentralization and working in harmony with the public and private sector in the execution of its services

Objectives of the Authority

The objectives of the Authority are:-

a) To promote, improve and monitor the marketing of coffee with a view to optimizing foreign exchange earnings and payments to the farmers;

b) To control the quality of coffee in order to ensure that all coffee exported meets the standards stipulated by the contract between the seller and the buyer;

c) To develop and promote the coffee and other related industries through research and extension arrangements;

d) To promote the marketing of coffee as a final product;

e) To promote domestic consumption of coffee.

Functions of the Authority

The functions of the Authority are:

a) To issue certificates in respect of grade and quantity of coffee.

b) To register in accordance with guidelines issued by the Minister, on the advice of the Board, organizations and bodies applying to market coffee

c) To collect, maintain and disseminate statistical data in respect of all aspects of the coffee industry;

d) To certify all coffee exports;

e) To monitor world market price changes and adjust the minimum price on a day-to-day basis to reflect the changes;

f) To research and make extension arrangements through the Ministry of Agriculture or any other organization established in the country for the purpose;

g) To reconcile coffee sub-sector policies with macro-economic policies of the Government;

h) To liaise with the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and be responsible for the administration of stamps of the organization;

i) To liaise with other international organizations and promote Uganda coffee on the world market;

j) To be responsible for the overall supervision of the coffee sub-sector including related industries and advise Government on coffee sub-sector policies;

k) To organize training for technicians, coffee processors and quality controllers.


  • Ministries 
  • Departments and Agencies 
  • Private sector 
  • Development partners
  • Regional and int'l institutions
  • Research institutions 


  • Development Services
  • Business Development and Strategy Services
  • Quality and Regulation Services
  • Corporate Services


  • Agricultural market support
  • Climate action
  • Pests and diseases
  • Women in coffee
  • Sustainable livelihoods

Contact info

Coffee House,
Plot 35 Jinja Road,
P.O.Box 7267,Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (+256)-414-256940 / 312-260470
Fax: +256-414-256994