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Isaac Ntambi is the 13th National Barista Champion, while Wafoyo Raphael retains his crown as Uganda’s best cup taster after winning the 8th National Cup Tasters Championship.

As Uganda’s top Barista and Cup Tasters Competition, the 2023 edition saw the crema of the country’s coffee talent battle it out for top honours at MOTIV, often accompanied by loud cheers from the crowd showing support for their favourite competitor.

In the end, the craft and skill of the Barista and the say of the Judges separated the Champions from the rest of the pack.

Isaac, who is not new to the Barista Championship circuit, has endured many setbacks, coming close in several Barista Competitions but never wearing the crown. Despite such setbacks, he never lost focus. He kept going until he finally claimed the jewel of Uganda’s top Barista.

While receiving the Barista Championship trophy from Jan Sadek, EU Ambassador to Uganda and Guest of Honor of the award ceremony, the soft-spoken Isaac could only muster a few words, “It’s been a long journey.”

Fortunately, this is the beginning of an exciting chapter. Isaac will represent Uganda at the World Barista Championship in South Korea in 2024. His journey is beginning.