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The Authority’s management structure is composed of the following functional departments:

Executive Directorate –
Board Secretarys Office & Corporate Services Directorate
Quality and Regulatory Services Directorate
Development Directorate
Strategy and Business Development Directorate

This directorate is headed by the Managing Director and is responsible for all directorates as well as Procurement, Corporate Communications, Audit and Compliance. The Directorate provides overall accountability of all UCDA activities and programmes.

A)Internal Audit and Compliance Department
The main function of the department is to carry out internal audits to ensure value for money. It is also responsible for updating the risks register identifying the major risks likely to affect the operations of the authority and their mitigation.

B) Procurement and disposal Department
Headed by the Procurement Manager, the department is responsible for procuring and disposing of all UCDA assets in line with PPDA Act 2003 and regulations.

C) Corporate Communications Department
This department is headed by the Corporate Communication Manager. It is responsible for UCDAs visibility as a development and regulatory Authority, stakeholder engagement and handling corporate social responsibility issues.


The directorate is headed by the Board Secretary/Head of Corporate Services. In addition to being responsible for Board matters, the Board Secretary is the custodian of legal documents of the Authority.

The directorate comprises four departments: Management Information Systems (MIS); Finance; Human Resource, and Administration.

A) Management Information Systems (MIS) Department
This department is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of appropriate Management Information Systems to ensure timely availability of relevant information for key UCDA stakeholders. It also facilitates quick decision making and reporting at all levels. It ensures a functional results-based monitoring and evaluation system.

The department provides guidance on Information Communication Technology (ICT) to ensure that UCDA is compliant in terms of connectivity (both intranet and extranet).

B) Human Resource Department
Headed by the HR Manager, the department is responsible for human resource management; recruitment, retention, and motivation of staff. The department is also responsible for career development of staff to improve their efficiency in service delivery.

LEGAL Services Department
Headed by the Legal Manager, the department is responsible for providing professional legal advice to Management on all aspects of national laws and regulations including litigation, contractual issues, governance, personnel, administration and statutory compliance.

D)Finance Department
The Finance Department is responsible for Treasury Management, preparing Financial Accounts and Management Accounts and ensure proper accounts and records of the Authoritys transactions and affairs.

E)Administration Department
This department is responsible for development, redevelopment and maintenance of UCDA properties as well as efficient deployment of corporate assets.



The directorate headed by a Director comprises 2 departments: (i) Extension and (ii) Technology Development. The first is responsible for providing extension services to farmers on Good Agricultural Practices and Agribusiness as well as technical services at the post-harvest level. The second department is responsible for facilitating the dissemination of research results in the field through regional and district officers and transfer of new technologies in order to increase productivity. The following programmes are undertaken.

a)Farmer training and extension liaison
UCDA offers training programmes for nursery managers, farmers and processors through regional and district officers and study tours

b)Coffee Replanting
i. Support coffee replanting to replace the old, diseased coffee trees with new genetically pure and higher yielding varieties by providing clean planting materials through coffee research and community based coffee nurseries.

ii. Introduce commercial coffee production in new and non-traditional areas of Uganda with particular emphasis in Mid-Northern Uganda.

iii. Collaborate with other stakeholders on mobilization, sensitization, technical preparation and follow-up on coffee nursery development, coffee replanting and productivity enhancement.

Technical Services
This involves provision of technical services and feedback to the sub-sector players on matters of quality improvement. Activities include inspection, licensing of factories and training for technicians in the processing chain as per The Coffee Regulations, 1994.

Coffee Research and Technology Development
The Technology Development department liaises with the National Coffee Research Institute (NaCORI) on specific programmes to mitigate against the effect of the Coffee Wilt Disease, other diseases and pests as well as climatic change.


The directorate headed by a Director has 3 departments: Quality Assurance; Value Addition and Promotion; and Sustainability Coffee. The first one is responsible for quality assurance and enforcing coffee regulations guided by The Coffee Regulations 1994. The second department undertakes initiatives to add value and also promote domestic coffee consumption and branding. The third concentrates on profiling, capacity building of sustainable coffee producers. The directorate undertakes the following activities:

Quality Assurance
Regulatory Function
The department is responsible for enforcing coffee regulations at farmer, primary processors, exporters, roasters and caf operators. It inspects, analyses and certifies exports.

Value Addition and Promotion department
Promotion of Domestic Coffee Consumption
UCDA trains sector participants in good roasting, brewing practices and machine maintenance. It also ensures standards development and compliance at roast and ground levels. It promotes coffee consumption in local promotions and holds national competitions.

Promotion of washed Robusta through wet processing
UCDA is providing motorized washing stations. It provides training in wet processing and drying techniques. It sets up demonstrations in wet processing techniques.

Promoting the establishment of soluble coffee plants.
UCDA trains roasters in an effort to improve the young roasting industry. UCDA will ensure establishment of a soluble plant initially through a partnership between the private and public sector with the public sector representing the interests of producers.

Sustainable Coffee department
Robusta & Arabica Coffee Characterization
This is about quality profiling of all coffee types.

Profiling of both Robusta and Arabica Coffee
This entails zoning of the coffee based on the location, altitude, cropping patterns, social interactions, and soil and cup profiles

Training R and Q Graders/trainers
This entails training of graders and trainers in identification specialty/fine /sustainable coffees

Linking sustainable coffee producers to buyers
UCDA works with producers to scale up market linkages with buyers



The directorate comprises 3 departments: Strategy Development; Market Intelligence and Information; and Monitoring and Evaluation. The Strategy department is responsible for ensuring that UCDAs programmes and projects are in line with the national priority programmes such as the Vision 2040, NDP II, MAAIFs ASDP, MFPEDs MTEF, NEDS and Governments Prosperity For All (PFA). The Market Intelligence and Information department is responsible for disseminating market related information, carrying out research to inform the stakeholders on which markets to penetrate and building capacity of farm level organizations in coffee agribusiness,. The M & E department is responsible for monitoring and evaluating all UCDAs programmes and activities to ensure that they are on course as planned. It also monitors and evaluates implementation of the national coffee strategy. The directorate has the following functions:

Strategy development Department
This entails scanning both the internal and external environments and to ascertain which strategic direction UCDA should take.

Links the national coffee strategy to other national and global programmes such as the SDGs
Identifies investment areas in the coffee value chain and give advice stakeholders accordingly.
Develops strategies to make the coffee industry more competitive and sustainable

Market intelligence and information Department
Maintains a national coffee production, export statistics and crop forecasting.
Disseminates market information (both local and international) daily to coffee industry stakeholders.
Carries out surveys and market studies periodically on coffee crop size, stock verification, factors affecting the production, trade and consumption.
Responsible for the preparation of the coffee budget at the beginning of each coffee year and updating it on a quarterly basis.
Links with national organizations, ICO, World Bank and other international organizations as a producer and user of coffee statistics.

Monitoring and Evaluation Department
This department is responsible for monitoring and evaluating all UCDA programmes and activities and also coordinates any M & E activities undertaken by other stakeholders. In this regard, it develops performance, effects/outcome and impact indicators.